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​​​​​Battery Eliminators
​​​​Excellent for Bench Tech Work & Call Boxes

These Models  Are Here Now With More Coming Soon.
​​​​​G2GELIMKNB57 for Kenwood TK2170/3360 and NX320 $31.90

G2GELIMKNBL2 for Kenwood NX & TK  5000  &EF Johnson VP6000 $35.90

G2GELIM4409 for Motorola XPR 3500/7500 APX 1000-4000 $31.90

PG2GELIM7038 for Motorola APX 6000-8000 $35.90

G2G9858 for Motorola XTS1500-2500 PR1500 $31.90

G2G8299 for Motorola XTS3000/5000 $31.90